Corflute Signs

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Corflute SignsCorflute is used for many applications. It’s durability out doors is a winner.

Thickness of the Coreflute will depend on your sign size, these are our recommendations.

Size – 600 x 900 mm      Use 5mm Corflute

Size – 600 x 450mm       Use 5mm Corflute – 3.5 mm will be fine if supported properly

Size – 600 x 400mm       Depending on use | Fencing Sign go 5mm | Others 3.5

Size – 300 x 200mm      Use 3.3mm 

Different sizes to suit your design or application are available, though they’re not as cost effective as the standard sizes. Sometimes it takes just that bit more to get your name across.

Please call or email us with any querie you may have.